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ARmachine is one of the leading manufacturers of steel wheels and ED painting parts. the quality has been approved  by European Korean automotive manufacturers like Renault, Peugeot and Hyundai which have over 90 percent auto sales every year. ARmachine and magneto wheels in Italy joint ventured since 2008. products are manufactured  through the latest technology and state of the art machinery , quality is guarantied and we are committed to customer satisfaction.  ARmachine managed to manufacture all kind of 13 inch up to 16 inch passenger wheels. OEM market has been supplied by the samples of the wheels.






Measuring machine

optic digitizer atos ɪɪ machine

measuring sections in all dimensions with microns accuracy and no limitation in size and substance.

creating section cloud points file for reveres engineering compatible with common designing and engineering  softwares.


    CNC Laser cutting

cnc laser cutting unit has offered various services bellow:  

1-map compatible cutting with the least of wasting sheet.

2- cutting with high accuracy

3-edge cutting with no burr and no need to rework and clearance.

4- cutting amount of small and complex shapes 


    Press shop

press shop unit has provided following services:

1- five of 500 tons hydraulic presses.     

2- two of 80 tons mechanical presses.

3- plate cut to length 55 cm width and 6 mil



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